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Depictions Entertainment LLC.

Casting Call

Non-Union / Location: Orlando, Fl


Logline: Imani Davis is a bright and gifted teacher at OTHSA, but she also has a secret–she’s an “A” class white hacker with a hidden identity. After she receives news that her school’s budget is being cut, along with a bunch of scholarship programs for her students, she decides to do some digging of her own and discovers a secret that opens her up to a world of corruption, deceit, and an alliance of black hackers. Unknowingly, she’s in way over her head but she finds some unlikely help along the way.

Imani - mid 20's to early 30's / Black/African Descent or Latinx

Reserved but friendly. Teaches information technology, and the advanced coders club at the school. Secretly acts as the city’s “robin hood” by exposing corrupt individuals and sometimes transferring funds from stolen accounts and money to areas in the community that need it.

Shaina - 17 / Hispanic/Latinx or Black/African Descent

Edgy, no BS type of character. Very street smart/intelligent. She is very analytical and level-headed. Both she and Leroy are the most savvy out of the students in the hacking class. She has a scholarship to go to the high school they attend and is the only one in the hacking class to have one.

King - 16 / Black/African Descent

Smart-alec and very sarcastic. He is a fast learner and catches onto things quickly even though he tends to give an appearance that he isn’t always paying attention. He loves to crack jokes and is the comedic relief in the group.

Alex - 17 / Any Gender / Any Ethnicity 

A preppy person with a flamboyant personality. Alex is the type of character who has their own strong opinions whether they're wrong or right. Takes pride in keeping up their appearance.

Leroy - 17 / Any Ethnicity

Very laid-back and collected. He’s quiet but he knows his stuff when it comes to hacking and he isn’t afraid to show it off when necessary. Can sometimes come across as having a condescending attitude when he feels like people aren’t catching on fast enough. He is the brains in the group and does the calculations. He’s the practical “Numbers guy”.

Matt - 17 / Asian/Indian

Very out-there imagination, but knows his stuff when it comes to technology. He is the type who often worries about everything that could possibly go wrong in a situation.

Jayda - mid 20's to early 30's / Black/African Descent

Works at the school with Imani as the secretary. She is a very outgoing and likeable person. Loves to crack jokes, she's your everyday homegirl.

Heading 6

Pay Rate: Unpaid, Copy & Meals

Shooting Dates: April 30th - May 15th (Dates are tentative)

Directed & Produced by Kaneisha Whipple

Written by Kaneisha Whipple & Brittany Warren

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